A long time coming.


So, we have been gone for a long time. It is very clear that we have come back at the very end.
A fair bit of consideration has been going around about kicking off some raid adventures.
So our small goals will include clearing content on normal,  and possibly pursuing some heroic modes, then see how things pan out.


Now for some important information that needs to be stressed:

Lunacy is currently accepting anyone who wishes to come have some fun, but please know your class and don’t just show up and goof off.
Lunacy is not pursuing end-game server firsts, we have done this in the past, there is not enough desire or time to do the hard core anymore.
Lunacy is a mature guild that has a lot of fun, containing some  very high quality players.
Sometimes we can act up a bit, but everyone should keep in mind this is a second family.


Oh raid times are currently being discussed.
We will only be raiding a few days a week (2-3), not counting whatever fun runs happen (flex/old content/fun – optional)

Progress Update


Been a bit slack with updates, in the meantime we’ve killed Heroic Elegon, Blade Lord, Wind Lord and Spirit Kings – only have a screenshot of Spirit Kings

Heroic Garajal down!


Progress update.


Few new bosses down, Wind Lord, Un’sok, Grand Empress and the Protectors on Elite mode! Missing a screeny for Wind Lord and Protectors though cos I am forgetful hah.

Garalon down!


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