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Guild Name: Lunacy
Server: AUS-Caelestraz (PvE)
Faction: Alliance


Guild Leader

Aussie 10-Man Raid Leader


Lunacy is a guild focused on having fun in PvE.

Lunacy was very well known on the Proudmoore server and world wide. During WoD we have transferred to new Australian based server, Caelestrasz. There is something to say about having the tag. We tend to have alot of fun, sometimes too much fun, The history of Lunacy speaks volumes to the player base that has some through this guild. Our current raid team is progressing with minimal challenge from encounters and our social base will challenge anyone for being the most enjoyable in WoW.


Rules for All Guild Members

  1. Members are not entitled to participation in every guild activity. They must meet the standards and expectations of the groups focused on the activities they wish to join.

There are no rules for general membership other than these. You can find the rules for specific guild groups in their respective sections. If you wish to apply to join the guild and become a member of a certain group, please read that specific group’s information and rules, their instructions on how to apply, and the conditions for joining.


A Bit of History

Lunacy was originally formed as a small group of friends back when we were playing games like Diablo II and Dark Age of Camelot. When WoW was released, we also established our presence here. But as people moved on to play other games and focus on their lives, a handful of us were left to fend for ourselves, causing us to join other guilds. In late 2006, Lunacy was reformed with original members.

What resulted was a guild that scored server firsts on every boss from Hydross through Kil’jaeden, except Lurker and Illidan. Our kill of Entropius (M’uru) ranked 40th in the United States, and we had many other kills that ranked in the top 100. And we did this all while achieving high levels of enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Wrath was a much different time. We endured an extreme roster shift through the transition and had only a limited flow of applications throughout the expansion. Even so, we managed to achieve server firsts on every single hard-mode encounter in Ulduar. After some time in ToC and ToGC, however, we decided to cease raiding at a hardcore level. From there, several of our members moved on to join very well-known guilds, including the first to get Tribute to Immortality in the US.

Cataclysm, began the guilds venture into Australian raiding. Our US member based went on to other life adventures and we were fortunate enough to land some very wonderful Australian players to keep the Lunacy name alive and happening. We were able to obtain top levels of progression with a much smaller raid time. We were one of only 3 guilds who were able to clear all content while it was current, up until we decided to stop raiding due to real life consuming the raid team.

During Mist of Pandaria some members decided to give raiding a shot, with a revamp in terms of officer and guild structure, the progression was more casual, but in the end the lack and desire were not as strong. After a 2 year break from raiding, many cataclysm raiders decided to return to the game together with them brought a new approach towards this thing called WoW. After a couple months of testing the waters, in March of 2014 they started to pursue the raid environment, and as a result they have pushed through content at will.

With the impending release of WoD and the introduction of Australian Servers the raid team looks forward to 20 man mythic raiding environment, at the incredible 20-50ms that they never had on Proudmoore (Us Servers). Our goals remain the same, have fun and get things done.