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Guild Name: Lunacy
Server: US-Proudmoore (PvE)
Faction: Alliance


Guild Leader

Aussie 10-Man Raid Leader


Lunacy is a guild focused on both PvE and PvP. Within the guild, there will be groups focusing on specific activities. This may result in merely one group for each activity, or multiple, so long as each group does not negatively affect another. For example, we may have a rated BG team and a raid. Or we may have a rated BG team, a raid focused on hardcore competitive PvE, and an alt/casual raid without expectations of success. With each raid having completely different goals, there should be no conflict of interest.

Each group within the guild will operate autonomously. This means one group should not expect help from another, as it may impede the other group’s progress towards its goals. That being said, the possibility of one group helping another exists and this should be extremely beneficial to the overall health of the guild. For example, if a raid loses its main tank, a member of the rated BG team with the gear to handle the job could temporarily fill the space, so long as doing so does not conflict with this person’s involvement in rated BGs.

Each subgroup will be clearly defined with their own rules and expectations for its core members. While social members and members of other teams would be welcome to apply or state their hopes of joining a group, that does not guarantee them a spot in said group. They must meet the group’s requirements and expectations. It is important for all members of the guild understand this.

The guild will also have a social component for former members of our TBC and Wrath-era raid, and for the friends who made the guild in 2004. The addition of new social members will be extremely limited from here on, due to the size restriction Blizzard has imposed on guilds and the effect a large social contingent can have on the more serious components of the guild.


Rules for All Guild Members

  1. Members are not entitled to participation in every guild activity. They must meet the standards and expectations of the groups focused on the activities they wish to join.
  2. Don’t be a jerk.

There are no rules for general membership other than these. You can find the rules for specific guild groups in their respective sections. If you wish to apply to join the guild and become a member of a certain group, please read that specific group’s information and rules, their instructions on how to apply, and the conditions for joining.


A Bit of History

Lunacy was originally formed as a small group of friends back when we were playing games like Diablo II and Dark Age of Camelot. When WoW was released, we also established our presence here. But as people moved on to play other games and focus on their lives, a handful of us were left to fend for ourselves, causing us to join other guilds. In late 2006, Lunacy was reformed with original members.

What resulted was a guild that scored server firsts on every boss from Hydross through Kil’jaeden, except Lurker and Illidan. Our kill of Entropius (M’uru) ranked 40th in the United States, and we had many other kills that ranked in the top 100. And we did this all while achieving high levels of enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Wrath was a much different time. We endured an extreme roster shift through the transition and had only a limited flow of applications throughout the expansion. Even so, we managed to achieve server firsts on every single hard-mode encounter in Ulduar. After some time in ToC and ToGC, however, we decided to cease raiding at a hardcore level. From there, several of our members moved on to join very well-known guilds, including the first to get Tribute to Immortality in the US.

From here, a small contingent of us remained to raid without the stresses of competitive raiding. We even added a few more members along the way.

With the impending release of Cataclysm, it’s time we began a new chapter—one with a reinvigorated sense of spirit and serious play; one that focuses on more than just raiding. It’s left to be seen exactly how this chapter will play out, but we hope it will be even richer than those of the past.

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