Australian 10-Man


For general guild information, please read this.


Leader: Tivoli



Wednesday, Sunday and Monday.

7:30pm – 10:30pm (AEDT) in Sydney / Server
4:30pm – 7:30pm (WST) in Western Australia
4:30pm – 7:30pm (HKT) in Hong Kong / Singapore
5:30am – 8:30am (EDT) In New York

The schedule is designed to allow for flexibility as there will be, on occasion, people who will be unavailable on any given day. This allows us to continue progressing with the most optimal raid composition. All raiders are to be prepared 15 mins prior to raid start (invites will go out 5-15 mins prior to the raid commencing) with full consumables, the necessary items, and spec(s) to be ready by the raid’s official start time.



We do not expect 100% attendance. However, we do expect you to play with a high level of regularity. Given that we are a 10-man core focused on having fun with motivation of progression, we will not always have an available reserve of people to sub in. I understand people have RL responsibilities with home life, work, school, etc. However, as a core raiding member, you have made a commitment to the raid and should look out for your fellow raiders and the raid’s best interests. 

The Raid’s Goals

The goal for this 10-man is to defeat available content in a stable, efficient, and enjoyable environment. We aim to have fun while progressing as quickly as possible. We will not be competing for realm firsts, that is something of the past.



Raider – Highest priority
Recruit – Priority if passed by a dedicated member
App – Lowest priority

We will not be using a DKP system for loot, this may change in WoD. Rather, people will use common sense. The best chance for us as a group to continue progression is for loot to be dispersed that provides the highest upgrade. However, loot council may be used to decide the recipient of an item where a group of members are interested. The decision will take into consideration attendance, performance, and size of the upgrade.


How to Apply For the 10-Man

We are currently accepting applications. Please visit here concerning our needs and how to apply. Please make sure you also read the section below.


The 10-Man Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a three-stage process: Applicant > Trial Raider > Raider.

1. If your application is accepted, your permissions will be updated allowing you to signup for scheduled raids.

As an app, we will be assessing your punctuality, performance, situational awareness, raid contribution, and ability to listen, follow, and contribute to mumble discussions. If we are happy with our first look, you will be encouraged to continue signing up for scheduled raids. This process does not have a designated time period. Apps have the lowest priority over loot.

2. If we are happy with your overall performance and feel that you will make a good addition to the 10-man, you will then be invited to join us as a trial raider.

As a trial raider, we will continue to assess your performance and suitability for the 10-man. It will also allow us to get to know you on a more social level outside of scheduled raids. Trial raiders have priority on loot over apps, but not over raiders.

3. At this point, if we feel you have demonstrated to us your consistent ability and skill as a player, your dedication to the 10-man, and that you are socially a good fit for the guild, you will be considered core and your rank will be updated to raider.